Friday, June 10, 2011

AA Loves: Fort Lean

Check out Fort Lean’s self-titled debut EP.

To compare these up and coming indie rockers from Brooklyn to The Walkmen is far too easy, but certainly warranted.

With disembodied vocals laced with a complex mix of discontent and delight, not unlike Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen, Fort Lean paints elaborate visions of heartbreak, love, and joy. But aside from the obvious Walkmen references, the band has so much more to offer.

Catchy hooks, fuzzy guitar riffs, and twinges of saccharine sweet 60’s pop are melted into perfection. In particular, listen to “High Definition,” where this combination is juxtaposed against darkly poetic lyrics like “I didn’t mind the bodies in the road/I was coming for you/I didn’t know the forest was on fire/ I was coming for you”

Stream the EP below or head over to their bandcamp, to pick up your copy of the EP.  

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