Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Journey Through the Golden State

I think it’s no surprise that the humid confines of New York have been suffocating me of late, so in a last minute move I hastily booked a trip out to beautiful California and decided to quench my thirst for the open road with a meandering road trip down the coast and through the heart of the Golden State. 

Unfortunately, I was on my own so naturally documenting the various views that I drove through – misty forests, arid valleys, the fog shrouded cliffs, and rocky canyons – was a bit difficult, but I did manage to snap a few as I dodged cars on various interstates. 

Pressed for time on my way back, I will forever regret not stopping and taking a picture on that stretch of desolate highway where I passed a scene straight from a Cormac McCarthy novel – rolling golden hills opened on to a valley where a bull sat proudly under the shade of a solitary oak tree while he kept watch over his harem of cows which were lazily drinking at a watering hole.

Despite missing that one picturesque photo, I still managed to catch a few good snapshots. Have a look below at some of my favorites.