Monday, November 28, 2011

Eugene McGuinness – Lion

Eugene McGuinness’s absurdly catchy new single “Lion” has been blaring from my speakers for a while now and I couldn’t help but share.

Taken from his forthcoming album to be released next year, this is certainly an indicator that good things will soon follow.

From punk guitar lines to a surf rock bass line, abstract Bowie-esque lyrics, and 50’s mod stylings, “Lion” is entirely unpredictable and insanely fun as a result. Although, I suppose it’s not entirely unexpected considering that it’s from the cheeky, genre-bending McGuinness.

Check out the video below which is equally as wild and random as the track. In particular, the wild coordinated gyrations of the four back up dancers will prove amusing to enthusiastic appreciators of moving your body rhythmically.

If you like what you can hear you can trade your email address for a free download of the song on his site.

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