Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cheerleader – Do What You Want

The sunny lo-fi indie duo Cheerleader is back with “Do What You Want,” an amazing follow up to last year’s “New Daze.”

Donovan Rex and Max Friday of Connecticut know damn well how to churn out catchy jams and “Do What You Want” is no exception. With its whistled melody a la Peter, Bjorn, and John this track will burrow its way deep into your brain like an alien parasite – that is minus the whole brain exploding bit or the forced evil deed doing thing of course.

While we may be in the depths of winter, listening to this song certainly confuses thing a bit. With hazy vocals, a mellow acoustic guitar line, and dreamy synths, you’ll think a warm breeze was gently tousling your hair as you drive with the windows down.

More evidence that these two know what they’re doing: “Do What You Want” was released as part of Turntable Kitchen’s killer Pairings Box series. In a stroke of genius, each month with the Pairings Box, you’ll be sent a hand-number vinyl, a digital mixtape, and recipes and ingredients for a fantastic meal. What a phantasmagoric orgy of wonderfulness!

Before you get too excited and rush off to order your own Pairings Box, check out the track below, where it’s also available to download. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already listened to “New Daze,” then head over to Bandcamp where you can grab a free copy.


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