Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blessed Feathers – Holyoke(Springfield)

Just some nice indie folk from the so-adorable-it-makes-you-want-to-die Blessed Feathers.

If the he and she duo weren’t cute enough, while on stage at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Wisconsin two weeks ago, Donivan Berube got down on one knee and asked his lovely band mate, Jacquelyn Beaupre, to be his partner in crime forever and ever. Isn’t that precious? Not that I’m jealous or anything and it’s not like everyone I know including all of my ex-girlfriends are getting married. I mean that’s totally not happening in my life right now. Seriously, I’m fine! I’m totally okay with it. Fuck you Jenny! You cheating slut! Good luck with your marriage!

Sorry, where was I? Oh right…in honor of their nuptials, okay not really, the nice couple recently released a free download of “Holyoke/Springfield” from their new-ish EP. Stream and download the track below.

Oh and for the record, Jenny, I always thought your elbows were way too sharp.

Oh and in case you're curious, you can see the heart-warming moment between the two Blessed Feathers below, courtesy of Cream City Sound Check.

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