Monday, February 18, 2013

Filthy Boy – Mental Conditions

Those cheeky English lads, Filthy Boy, have just released “Mental Conditions,” the lead single from their debut LP Smile That Won’t Go Down, which drops next month.

Contrasting a nice stripped back Roy Orbison-esque arrangement with their trademark hysterically debauched lyrics, these chaps are at their twisted best. Over dreamy dulcet guitars, vocalist Patrick Morrissey retells the story of a mad man. With his Alex Kapranos baritone, he belts out lyrics like, “I found a real looker, she’s a nice high class hooker,” “They say it’ll all be okay as long as I take these tablets every day, hooray,” and “They say I’m unsuitable to join society, but they’ll see.”

Have a gander at the video below.

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