Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ginger and the Ghost – Exiled to Earth

Stumble through the psychedelic dreamscapes of the neon Day Glo highlighted minds of Ginger and the Ghost.

In the opening video of “Choose Your Own Dreamstate" series, our intrepid tripster Ginger “awakens in a kaleidoscopic "dreamstate" of colour and texture. She is alone and lost, overwhelmed by this wondrous new world inhabited by three million fallen souls.”

The series “tells the story of Ginger And The Ghost as they are torn from their own world” and “isolated in a strange land, they must traverse a foreign, alien landscape in a quest to be reunited."

With the dreamy hallucinogenic sounds of Bjork and Grimes-like visuals, this is one mind-bending trip you won’t forget.

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