Thursday, January 27, 2011

AA Loves: The Delta Riggs

The Delta Riggs are dangerous, so lock up your daughters, hide your girlfriends, and get ready for some pure rock n’ roll at its best – born in fire, doused in snake oil, and raw to the touch.

With heavy blues rock soaked in gospel organs and as dedicated students of American blues like the Rolling Stones, the Delta Riggs mean serious business. They dropped their self-titled EP last May, and mid 2011 will see the release of their debut album.

Check out Fiend below, but be prepared, the opening lines will hit you hard – heavy guitar riffs driven by a punishing snare with wailing vocals will clear your sinuses.

But to get a real feel for this band’s sound, be sure to listen to their stunner Get Back. They seamlessly blend southern gospel, blues, and R&B for one of the most stunning displays of soulful rock I’ve heard in a long time. Lead singer Elliot Hammond has so much raw feeling in his voice that your entire mind becomes entranced, time literally slows down, and you are left emotionally exhausted. But not to be outdone, the organ and the backup vocalists compete for your attention with equal enthusiasm evoking the feel of a gospel church on a Sunday.

Turn up your speakers and praise the Lord, The Delta Riggs are bringing down the house today.

Fiend by thedeltariggs

Also be sure to check out their EP.

The Delta Riggs EP by thedeltariggs

Sadly, Sony is being a bully and won't let me host a stream of "Get Back," so you'll have to hop over here or here to stream it.

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