Monday, January 10, 2011

James and Evander and Sports Remix Swap – Turtle Two and Mind Has Changed

It’s no secret that AA is a big fan of Sports and more recently James and Evander, so today our ears get double teamed with the music of both. To quote James and Evander “yay internets” because the wonders of the interwebs have brought us this aural orgasm.

Those kinky bastards have decided to do a bit of swinging and allowed each other to have their way with each other’s music. In a fun exchange, Sports has remixed James and Evander’s “Turtle Two,” while James and Evander were busy getting down with Sports’ “Mind Has Changed.”

Attentive to the subtleties of something not their own, they’ve brought out parts of the song and made it do things I didn’t think it was capable of, let alone willing.

On Sports’ remix of “Turtle Two,” they bring even more upbeat and inquisitive energy to the original. After a mellow start, this track builds nicely until you can’t help but get caught up in its groove.

Here James and Evander have gotten lurid and depraved with Sports’ “Mind Has Changed.” It’s dark and lusty, with a sinister undertone and just a ridiculous pleasure to listen to.

Head over to bandcamp now to get your hands on this hot little remix swap for free.

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