Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Thanks to my super cool sister for sending me her latest musical discovery: POWER.

Their colossal beats, sophisticated lyrics, and vocals reminiscent of The Knife make this sibling duo hailing from Detroit a welcome addition to any playlist.

Rather than simply dazzling our eardrums and pleasing us with simple hooks like many synth driven bands, POWER adds a depth to their sound with the emotional urgency of their lyrics. They fill their songs with amazing imagery and metaphors with lines like “a twisted palindrome, keep close the thoughts you had last year/cuz you never know when solitude comes back to your mind” or “why do you get too afraid of the stronghold keeping me up these days/without your care I’m sure I would break/my organs sprawled out on the floor.” 

Aside from making seriously good electro-pop, this duo hailing from Detroit has a few lofty goals. They are currently in the 23rd week of their 5252 project, where they will release 52 free songs in a year. 

As part of this creative project, POWER seeks to acknowledge their diverse influences and “inspire anyone and everyone wanting and willing to pursue a path less followed.” The band appears to be on a long road trip and their thirst for life and curiosity is evident as they thoughtfully explain what inspires them each week in a write-up that accompanies each release.

The band writes, “Whether it be a photograph seen years ago, a film viewed days ago, a conversation that took place weeks ago, a situation that was taken in from afar, a homeless human speaking what seems to be nonsense, a stranger they will never meet again or wise words directed from a friend, every inspiration that POWER draws from is a part of POWER. 

Listen to “Panic” below and head to their website for more. 

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