Monday, July 16, 2012

The Black Cadillacs – Choke

Start that hootin’ and hollerin’ because The Black Cadillacs are in the building today.

This six-piece from Knoxville is back with their brand of raw scuzzy blues rock for their sophomore release, Run, which is out now on Young Giant.

On “Choke,” filthy guitar lines dripping in southern languor roll from your speakers in a slow and endless stream as the blistering vocals scream by like a bald eagle draped in the American flag carrying the Constitution and a can of Budweiser – America, fuck yea! The track simmers gently before boiling over into a searing guitar battle that bathes bystanders in smoky hell-fire and cheap whiskey.

Bottom line: hide your kids, hide your wife – the Black Cadillacs are in town.

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