Monday, July 30, 2012

Work Drugs – Absolute Bearing

It’s here! The new Work Drugs album just dropped recently and it does not disappoint.

So 80’s dance-tastic (Thank you Microsoft Word, I know that’s not a real word) it hurts – and by that I mean your feet will be aching because their blend of smooth beats and catchy hooks will have you dancing all night – especially if it’s an all-night coke party (and by that I mean Coca-Cola party of course).

On Absolute Bearing it’s all about future sex, space sex, moon sex, synth sex – get the picture yet? It’s a sexy sex album exploding with mellow, yet danceable beats and a crap ton of synths.

In the band’s words, “Please buy, borrow, or steal it! We don't care as long as it keeps you dancing, yachting, sexting, and living.” – you heard em, so what are you waiting for!

Listen to “Perfect Storm” and “Pluto” below and head over to Bandcamp to snag your copy.

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