Monday, September 17, 2012

The Preatures – Pale Rider

Take a dark, smoky ride with the psychedelic “Pale Rider,” an epic story of, you guessed it, a pale rider.

Taken from The Preatures’ (the band formerly known as the Preachers) forthcoming EP Shaking Hands, “Pale Rider” is a nice change of pace from the rollicking good times of “Take A Card”

Isabella Manfredi takes a solo turn on vocals and has all the swagger, strut, and attitude of a much darker version of Debbie Harry – think southern goth Debbie Harry if she were in Blanche and not disco Debbie. Meanwhile, the intertwining guitar lines weave an intricate vision of a Tarantino western.

Have a gander at the beautifully mind-bending video for “Pale Rider” and be sure to also check out “Take A Card.”

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