Monday, August 9, 2010

AA’s Frivolous Wants: Vintage Suitcases

I’ve been trying to find a vintage suitcase for a long time now, however every time I find the perfect one I always somehow dissuade myself at the last moment from purchasing it. I suppose the overwhelming impracticality of the whole thing is the primary reason. I mean wheels and extendable handles have become the norm for suitcases because they do make life so much easier. But there’s something about these beautifully crafted clunky boxes that I can’t get over. I just love the imagery of frantically throwing clothes in these old suitcases, slamming the lid shut with items dangling out, and making a run for the train because Tommy Two Tone and Johnny the Hammer are after you for the vig you owe. These vintage items just imbue travel with the sense of excitement and daring that it once had.

I might finally just suck it up and carry these burdensome travel accessories around. While others might have all the convenience of modern technology, I’ll be pretentiously lugging around an old trunk.

Although, this amazing tweed attaché case on Ebay right now looks far too good to pass up. While everyone is slinging their sleek canvas or leather messenger bags around to work, imagine showing up to work and flipping open this bad boy on the conference room table. Stylish or pretentious? I’ll let you decide.

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