Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Introducing] Empty Pockets

Check out Empty Pockets, or Adam Myatt, one half of Oakland’s James and Evander, who just recently dropped a three song EP for Mapzzz.

The EP is a bit of a departure from his usual sound with James and Evander in that it’s much more mellowed out with sparse instrumentation, minimal melody, and has a great slow introspective sound.

On “Jan. 25th, 1982” you get a bit of the James and Evander sound with the constant presence of the electronic organ and steady keyboard lines, but this time the vocals have a great distant quality to them.

But by far, my personal favorite has got to be “Shipwrecked Shell” which combines the slow introspective feel of “Cant’ Decide” with sweeping organs to great effect. Sparse ghostly vocals are scattered about this soundscape, and although it’s difficult to discern exactly what they’re saying, it feels intimate.

Stream it below and head over to his bandcamp to download the EP for free.

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