Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AA Loves: Class Actress

I’m pretty unhappy with myself for missing the whole Class Actress train, but in case you missed it as well, check out the fantastically titled “Journal of Ardency,” Class Actress’s debut EP. 

Filled with lusty synths, driving electronic beats “Journal of Ardency” is flush with 80s pop references like the dark atmospherics of Joy Division and the exuberance of Madonna as well as twinges of contemporary bands like Land of Talk.

More than just vapid 80s bangers, singer Elizabeth Harper’s talented voice strongly evokes heartache and longing through candid lyrics filled with lovesick wanderlust desire. This EP is a pop gem that deserves your full attention immediately.

Listen to “Journal of Ardency” and "Let Me Take You Out" below. 

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