Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Y Luv – Earthquakes

I’m in a pretty damn good mood right now thanks to “Earthquakes,” the latest single from Y Luv.

With massive hooks, a catchy melody, and warm guitars, the track is uplifting indie pop at its best.

According to Freddy Janney, the band’s frontman, the song was inspired by his morbid musings on the big California quake and the frivolity of envying celebrities.

“It made me realize how fragile life is. It got me thinking about what really matters. Also, while I was freaking out about an earthquake, my sister and her friends were looking at a magazine and freaking out (as much or more) about how amazing someone’s body was and how they would never look like that and never be as happy as that person . . . I guess it’s all relative,” Janney said. “It’s a song that recognizes the world might fall but celebrates that it hasn’t.”

Listen below.

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