Monday, December 5, 2011

Quiet Lights – No More Canyons (Brutalist School remix)

Now that it’s Monday and work has kindly punched us in the face, have a listen to the remix of Brooklyn shoe gazers Quiet Lights’ “No More Canyons,” which will either make you feel fantastic or have you wallowing in introspective self-loathing.

Infusing the lushly textured and colossal guitars of “No More Canyons” with a hypnotic beat, Hsi-Chang Lin of The Brutalist School opts to bring out the haunting loneliness of the original in a stripped down minimalist version.

Cue the “It’s The Muthafuckin Remix” siren and have a listen below. Be sure to also check out the original as well if you haven’t already.


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