Monday, June 18, 2012

AA Loves – Cruiser

Holy shit-snacks does Cruiser hit the spot!

Maybe it’s because I’ve got a fever (no, not the kind that can only be cured by a cowbell), but Cruiser is bringing enormous pleasure to my earballs with some seriously “beach-in” tunes – badumph ch! Yea, writing bad puns from my day job has finally breached the AA hull – oh boy.

Anyways, Cruiser is a dude from Philly that makes insanely bright and catchy guitar-driven indie pop that’s perfect for a never ending summer with lyrics like “I don’t need to leave if you don’t need to sleep” and “Don’t want to go home now.”

Listen to “The Fritz” and “Don’t Go Alone” below and head over to bandcamp where you can score the killer self-titled EP, which is produced by Jeremy Park who also brought us Youth Lagoon.

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