Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sundress – California Dames

As a California boy living in New York it’s inevitable that as the summer stretches on, the yearning to return to the land of the golden sun hits a fever pitch.

Fortunately, there’s the sun-soaked sounds of Sundress to transport me to that magical land of California. On “California Dames,” these five Texans perfectly capture the essence of the Golden State. Perhaps it's because Sundress hadn’t actually been to California when they wrote their song that “California Dames” paints an even more idyllic, sepia-toned vision of that glorious state than most bands living there. 

“California Dames are waiting,” Ryan McAdams dreamily sighs throughout the refrain, so grab a beer, find some sun, and have a listen.

The 7” featuring “California Dames” and “Pilot Wings” is out on White Iris now.

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