Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dizzy Davis “Home” Video Debut

Check out the new music video for Dizzy Davis's single “Home,” which also happens to be the directorial debut of my buddy Brett Blake.

The video for “Home” is every bit as bright, enthusiastic, and eclectic as the band itself, which sounds like the lovechild of Santogold and MGMT that was conceived at an MIA concert.

Based on that description, I suppose it’s no surprise then that “Home” is filled with a clusterfuck of synths, drum machines, half rapped and half sung lyrics, and an absurdly catchy hook.

The video begins with a surreal and minimalist glimpse into the mind’s eye, echoing the sparse drum machine and zinging guitar lines. As the song begins to simulatneously build and mellow out, the video plunges into a phantasmagoric swirl of colors, locations, and objects including plantain headphones and a necklace made of Elmo heads.

In particular, the final shot is epic with its flurry of confetti, abandoned train cars, and the setting sun. I won't say anymore for fear of ruining it.

Watch the video below as well as the rest of Mr. Blake's clips here.

As for Dizzy Davis, their other work is more than worth your time, especially the video for “Nam Doc Mai” which includes a matching watermelon jock strap and helmet set -- the perfect accessory for the summer.

"Home" by Dizzy Davis from Brett Blake on Vimeo.


  1. This band is the bomb.

  2. @Boggertown We motherfucking love you. Let's get physical.

  3. I dig your guys' aesthetic. Me loves some food imagery.

  4. congrats! the video looks super professional and funky. i really like the elmo head necklace. can i get one on etsy? i checked out your website. i would also like a watermelon helmet like the one in your other video. size M pls. thnx!!

  5. You guys will be big in the Netherlands.