Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 Best Dance Songs of 2010

I suppose, it’s that time of year to begin casting retrospective glances on everything we’ve done. But rather than taking a moment to reflect on my actions and become a better person, I will instead focus on all the great music that came out this year.

So here is the first of several forthcoming lists. To start your day off right, here are my 5 favorite songs that will instantly start a dance party wherever you are.

The Wombats - Tokyo

I say this song and the video pretty much sum up a typical debaucherous night out, that is if you’re a pagan beast and still worship Bacchus and pray on an altar of cocaine.

Hesta Prynn - Can We Go Wrong

With explosive guitar riffs, aggressive synths, and a blissed out voice begging you to go wrong and get self-destructive, this song has party all over it.

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand

A song about Babs mixed by Armand Van Helden and A-Trak? What is there not to love about it? This song has me loving Barbara Streisand more than a gay man. On a side note, it seems that they’ve been able to pack in every single musician of note in New York into their video. It’s kind of absurd.

Strange Talk - Climbing Walls

The scary thing is that this is only a demo track. I’m not sure my legs or brain will be able to handle the earth shattering, mind blowing magnitude of their soon to be released EP. Like Cut Copy, these Aussies have an insane talent for making some damn catchy music.

Chromeo - Night by Night

The video alone is worth the price of admission. Now if only I could learn to dance like that. One day…sigh

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