Thursday, December 23, 2010

AA Loves: Demon’s Claws

If you haven’t heard of Montreal’s Demon Claws yet you have been seriously missing out.

Their sound hits you like a night of raucous revelry fueled with homemade moonshine. It’s raw garage rock n’ roll mixed with a bit of 60’s rockabilly, throw in some twang and a 36 pack of cheap beer and yee-haw you got yourself Demon Claws.

They will rot your brain and set your stomach on fire like cheap whiskey, but it sure as hell feels good.

Vocalist Jeff Clark has the weird creepiness, twang, and howl in his voice of a deranged bard as he sits around the campfire telling stories of his adventures as he hitches his way across the heartland of Depression-era America.

These self-described “liars and scumbacks” have been pounding out bar room brawling music since 2004. Be sure to pick up their recently released second LP The Defrosting of…, the follow up to their foot stomping beer throwing 2007 album Satan’s Little Pet Pig.

Take a few slugs from a bottle of whiskey, turn up your speakers, and listen—it doesn’t matter if you’re at your desk at work this is how their music needs to be enjoyed for full effect.

Demon’s Claws – Hunting on the 49

Demon’s Claws – How the West Was Won

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