Thursday, January 26, 2012

Saskwatch – Don’t Wanna Try

Who better to carry on the torch of Motown soul than nine Aussies. Wait, what the what? I’m super cereal, Saskwatch is the real deal. Fellow Motown revivalists Alabama Shakes, which have been blowing up the innanets of late, are going to have to watch out because Saskwatch gives them a serious run for the money. 

With a voice steeped in the soul fire of Aretha and Tammi Terrell, vocalist Nkechi Anele lights up “Don’t Wanna Try” like a four-alarm fire. Riding smoothly over doo wop bass lines, funky trumpets, and bouncing pianos, Saskwatch will send you to a magical land where everyone is named Curtis, Marvin, or Etta.

Stream the hot new 7” below along with the B-side “Pushin’ Me Away” below.


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