Thursday, January 5, 2012

AA Loves - Filthy Boy

With two band members going by the name of Morrissey, these saucy south Londoners more than live up to their namesake.

Putting a riotously hilarious spin on tragedy, Filthy Boy details with lucid clarity humanity’s worst transgressions primarily in regards to the opposite sex. Dark, yet with a massive dose of cheeky irony, this lot will have you rolling on the floor despite the gloomy subject matter.

For instance, on “Waiting On the Doorstep” in a deep a deep baritone reminiscent of Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand they croon, “You’re looking pretty through the window magnificently kneeling between those men/I can’t help but think your lips are so soft as you get up off your knees and wipe your chin.”

Stream “Waiting On the Doorstep” along with a few other choice selections, or head over to their bandcamp to score some free downloads.

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