Thursday, February 21, 2013

AA Loves – Holychild

From the sensuous Portishead-tinged “Watching Waiting” to the heavily sedated Passion Pit-esque “Diamonds On The Rebound” to the exuberantly wholesome earnestness of “Best Friends”(think Freelance Whales), Holychild is pure guiltless fun.

Cool and abstract enough with multiple rhythm changes and heavily syncopated beats for young hepcats, but winsome enough for moms with lyrics like “I have the best friends,” expect Holychild to be played on every car commercial, Microsoft ad, or Jamba Juice in a year or two. I mean that in the most positive way. Honestly, I’m trying hard to be sincere.

Anyways, listen below and judge for yourself and if you like what you hear head over to soundcloud to snag some free downloads. 

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