Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sleepy Dreamers – Winter Make Way

The aptly named Sleepy Dreamers, four lads from Melbourne who confess to “[drinking] way too much tea,” do exactly that.

With their winsome earnestness, the quartet makes soporific indie folk tunes that are as gentle as baby shampoos claim to be (I don’t care what the label says, get that shit in your eyes and it still stings like a mother fucker).

Drawing on the magic of enchanted forests, on “Winter Make Way,” they quietly shoo those dreadful months away with light guitar melodies, hushed vocals, and muted percussion that at its climax, matches the intensity of a whispered conversation under the scrutiny of a harsh librarian.

Bottom line, Sleepy Dreamers make it cool to get in touch with your emotions. Fuck yea, emotions!

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