Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing – The Terrorists

In light of the recent attacks in Boston, The Terrorists have a rather unfortunate name. However, that said, their brand of lo-fi doo wop infused surf punk was too good not to share. 

Raw, unhinged, and at times sugary sweet, this quartet from Los Angeles just oozes the stumbling sneering energy of classic punk.

For some reason, every time I listen to the Terrorists, I can’t help but think of the nameless, faceless house bands that played in dingy dive bars in bad 90s movies. That is to say, they sound like the louche romanticism of urban blight that lured so many to the dystopic bowels of the Bowery in the early 70s.

Stream 30 Minute Love below, particular standouts include “Shoot It Up Baby Doll” and the title track, and be sure to head over to bandcamp to check out their more recent albums. 

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