Thursday, September 9, 2010

Phil Davidson for Stark County Treasurer!

Folks, I know usually keep things a bit light here and refrain from discussing politics, but tonight my best friend sent me something that I think you should all see. It’s so important that I will even interrupt road week for this post involving the upcoming elections for Stark County treasurer.

As a student of political rhetoric and occasional speechwriter myself, I fancy that I have an eye for good speeches and orators. Well, this one stands out as a gem. Listen and observe closely as Phil Davidson gives his stump speech and explains why he should be the next Treasurer of Stark County. One can really learn something about public speaking from the way he modulates his voice, moves around the room, makes eye contact with the audience, and his impressive use of quotations. It’s difficult to pinpoint the most rousing moment, but if forced to choose I would have to say he really gets me at 1:35 when he shares his favorite Einstein quote.

After the speech, he issued this statement to his challengers.

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