Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sexy Snaggletooth?

I’ve never seen such a sexy snaggletooth. I’m dead serious. I never knew that having a gap in your teeth could be so damn sexy. Rising model, Georgia May Jagger makes bad teeth hot! She embraces her dental imperection to great effect, having one of the most sensuous mouths I’ve ever seen. “Who wants those gleaming white cosmetically enhanced American teeth?” she once unabashedly declared. Hats off to you Miss Jagger.

If you don’t believe me, then simply watch the video above. As the lead model for Hudson Jeans for two seasons, she is prominently featured in this unbelievably sexy new promo video for the brand, appropriately titled “Lips.” The majority of the ad is spent zoomed in on her lips or her fingers as she unzips her fabulous Hudson Jeans. The effect is utterly mesmerizing. Her bright electric red lipstick remains flawless despite repeatedly sensuously exhaling a stream of thick curling cigarette smoke. On that note, this is also one of the sexiest instances of smoking on camera that has ever been captured. But I suppose the coup de grace is when you see her whisper something into the camera with those amazing lips.

Although, I suppose it’s unsurprising that she’s got a mouth with so much character, considering that she is the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall.

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