Monday, September 27, 2010

AA Loves: Voxhaul Broadcast

Photo Credit: Kayt Jones

I mentioned these Indie boys a bit back in my last post on the Sounds of LA, but unsurprisingly my thirst for California bands has not waned. More importantly, I haven’t been able to get Voxhaul Broadcast out of my head or off my playlists for the past several weeks.

This quartet, originally from Orange County, are currently based out of Los Angeles and sound just like it with their surf guitar sound and 1970’s California rock homages. Lead singer David Dennis’ measured vocals sets my spine tingling with a sound like it’s coming through a fuzzy lo-fi radio in the 50’s. Driving rhythms, fantastic vocals, and bouncy surf guitars means only one thing: pure California bliss.

Damn, listening to them really makes me miss Los Angeles and that sweet sweet California sun.

Check out their new single “Leaving on the 5th” from their forthcoming album Timing is Everything. Also, as an added bonus, here’s my absolute favorite track “Rotten Apples.”

Voxhaul Broadcast - Leaving On The 5th by Aesthetes Anonymous

Voxhaul Broadcast-Rotten Apples by Aesthetes Anonymous

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