Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Sounds of Los Angeles: Tennis, Voxhaul Broadcast, and The Growlers

Oddly, ever since I decided to move to New York, my ears have been particularly receptive to bands from California, particularly those that have that unmistakable L.A. surf sound. Having grown up in California, I suppose it’s inevitable that I associate summer with the sunny beaches of the Pacific, running around with friends by the pool, and driving around in a car along beautiful coast lines. Unsurprisingly, the bands that I’ve been listening to of late come directly out of that tradition. Aside from Best Coast, who just dropped their debut full length album, the bright sounds of Tennis, Voxhaul Broadcast, and the Growlers have all transported me back to the languid days of a Californian summer.

Tennis – “Marathon"

Tennis - Marathon by Aesthetes Anonymous

In the interest of full disclosure, the more I listen to this song the more I become completely enamored with it and have a decreasing inclination to listen to anything else. So be careful, after listening to this song, you may not listen to anything else for a long time.

“Marathon” is a fun little dreamy rock n’ roll song that transports you back to the sweet days of yore. Alaina Moore coos gently into the microphone while an organ plays softly in the background. The song is breezy, relaxing, and has a sound straight from another time. Their sound reminds me a bit of Little Joy when they are at their most retro and adorable. Husband and wife duo Tennis wrote these songs after they bought a sail boat and spent eight months sailing around the East Coast. They’ve only got a few mp3 out right now, but next month will see their first release. Be sure to keep an eye on this fun group, as I’m sure they will be doing some big things.

Voxhaul Broadcast – The Echo

Voxhaul Broadcast - The Echo by Aesthetes Anonymous

This four-piece band from Orange County has an amazing sound that bridges the gap between the swagger of British rock and the bright jangoling of Los Angeles. Folks loved their first EP Rotten Apples, and they just released their first full length album, Timing is Everything, last month. With catchy beats, fantastic guitar work, and unpretentious lyrics, what is there not to love about these guys.

The Growlers – Something Someone Jr.
The Growlers - Something Someone Jr. (album version) by Aesthetes Anonymous

Hailing from Long Beach, the Growlers have a fun 1960’s psychedelic surf rock sound that really grows on you. They only have one album out, Are You In or Out?, but the kids around LA seem to really like them and a few folks in the know have predicted that they’ll be the next local LA band to burst out on the scene like Best Coast. I’ll let you make your own decision.

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