Saturday, August 28, 2010

AA Tribute: Edie Sedgwick

I suppose I’m a bit late on this bandwagon with the whole Edie Sedgwick adoring retrospective thing, so I won’t say too much on the topic. Simply put, she had a great sense of style that is still culturally relevant as evidenced by the fact that folks are appropriating her look left and right. Despite her public meltdowns and the drug addictions, I’d say that she was a pretty classy girl. I suppose hailing from one of the oldest aristocratic families in the U.S., boasting an ancestry that includes a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and being taken on as the personal muse of Andy Warhol goes a long way. Not to mention the fact that she managed to capture the attention of Bob Dylan. Any gal that's able to do that gets a gold star in my book.

On a side note, she has such an unbelievable smile that stands out to me as one of those rare and beautiful things to be caught on film. Her smile seems completely genuine and suggests her vivaciousness, energy, and enthusiasm. It's impressive to be able to transmit so much in a simple expression, let alone transfer it to a static medium like film.

Oh and for total cool points, I’ll say this: I was totally into her way before she was cool now, I just didn’t have a blog to post about it at the time.


  1. If you like photos of her, getthe coffee table picture book called "Edie Girl on Fire". Also, Ciao Manhatten with all of the extras, including cut scenes.

  2. I am watching factory girl right now.

  3. I know someone who reminds me of her, she is beautiful and different in a good way but very vulnerable at the same time