Thursday, November 11, 2010

AA Loves: Blackbird Blackbird

SF based Blackbird Blackbird give San Francisco another reason to celebrate. Although, winning the World Series is a pretty damn good reason!

Like the World Series, Blackbird Blackbird is a bit of old news. These folks have been getting quite a bit of well deserved attention for their fantastic music. To use those annoying music blogger terms to describe them, their sound is “electro indie shoe gaze sepia tinted psychedelic experimental dream pop.”

I’m not sure I even know what the hell that really means. So to be a little more concrete, they have a brilliantly enchanting sound. Synths and drum machines play smoothly behind hauntingly disembodied choir like vocals. Like listening in on a heavenly ritual of the gods from afar, you have to struggle to discern the notes clearly. One can never quite figure out what exactly is being sung as if they were produced by vocal chords more evolved than our own mortal bodies, but it doesn’t matter – its beauty is in its mystery.

Check out their full length LP, “Summer Heart,” which was released on vinyl in September.

Download it here or stream my personal favorite, the Let’s Move on Together EP below.

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