Monday, May 2, 2011

AA Loves: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

Praise the Lord almighty for my ears have just been blessed by the rapturous sounds of He’s My Brother She’s My Sister.

Not your ordinary indie-folk band, HMBSMS drenches their sound with prairie twang, jangling saloon revelry, and a bit of dark southern goth.

The lead singers are brother and sister duo Rob Kolar and Rachel Kolar which adds a nice hint of sibling rivalry to the dueling vocals for some true chemistry.

But in a truly unique twist, their foot-stomping rhythms are generated by the literal foot stomping of the tap dancing Lauren Brown who propels each track forward with her tireless tapping. To round out their sound, they are joined by the finger plucked cello of Satya Bhabha.

Beginning tonight, the band takes up a 5 night residency at The Satellite over in Silverlake (LA, CA). They will be joined on stage by a variety of special guests performing a dazzling mix of escape, illusion, and other unimaginable wonders in honor of their new single Escape Tonight.

Listen to a few of my favorites below and head to their bandcamp to download their debut self-titled EP. Presents He's My Brother She's My Sister - Tales That I Tell- Live from Phillip Jordan on Vimeo.

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