Friday, April 29, 2011

James & Evander – Constellating

Oakland based duo James & Evander is back with another blissed out EP.

Constellating is well in line with the band’s previous releases as it is still heavily rooted in exploratory space travel deep in the future.

“Constellating,” the EP’s title track, ebbs and flows nicely beginning with a sparse beat and detached vocals before slowly morphing into a driving perky beat that eventually breaks down and starts the cycle over again.

As for “Slap Bracelets,” if the title doesn’t take you back to the late 80’s then the beat will.

I must say though, “Really Real” might just be the EP’s standout as it underscores why they hail from “smoakland” and refer to their music as “weed wave.”

Stream Constellating below and head over to bandcamp to download your copy.

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