Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quiet Lights No More Canyons 7" Review

My review of the Quiet Lights No More Canyons 7" is up on Donnybrook.

This is definitely one of my favorite new bands to emerge, so be sure to read the review and check out their 7". You can watch the video to the B-side "Break Trouble Wait Below."

Here's a quick excerpt:

Mesmerizingly beautiful, Quiet Lights’ No More Canyons 7” will haunt your mind long after it has been exorcised from your speakers. Like those lovely but oh so deadly Sirens of Homer’s Odyssey, Quiet Lights will lure you into their world with their ghostly vocals and enchanting soundscapes.

Shoegazey with an underlying malice, “No More Canyons” is full of trouble. It begins innocently enough with a few quiet strums, but the track is quickly swallowed by a monstrous wall of overdriven guitars that nearly engulf the ghostly vocals.

Despite your best attempts, only faint wisps of words, thoughts, and sentiments can be heard over the din. These indiscernible night susurrations build to a howling, miasmic swirl until everything suddenly stops, leaving only a hanging whisper in the air – the ellipsis is almost palpable.
To read the rest, head over to Donnybrook

Break Trouble Wait from Quiet Lights on Vimeo.

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