Monday, April 25, 2011

Morning Benders – Oh Annie [NEW]

The Morning Benders are back with a new song inspired by the amazing Woody Allen movie Annie Hall.

Aptly titled “Oh Annie,” The Morning Benders capture the longing, the heartbreak, and that unmistakable magical spark that New York added to Woody Allen and Diane Keaton’s movie romance.

The melodic piano lines create a fitting nostalgic bitter-sweet mood as lead singer Chris Chu pines away for Allen's lost love, singing “Annie/oh annie, how can you go? I taught you everything you know, you know?” The track would have fit perfectly on the soundtrack for the movie.

In announcing the release of the track, lead singer Chris Chu wrote on Twitter, “My only regret with 'Big Echo' is that this song wasn't on it. I wrote it after watching Annie Hall for the 100th time.”

Listen to this gorgeous B-Side below.

Oh Annie by The Morning Benders

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