Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Voxhaul Broadcast - Timing is Everything Album Review

Voxhaul Broadcast has been one of my absolute favorite bands for some time now, so it's no surprise that I ended up gushing about their latest album Timing Is Everything in my most recent review for Donnybrook.

A few quick takes on the album taken from the review:

"Rather than deliver what you expect, each song surprises you as the band has chosen to actively explore a variety of sounds and influences ranging from the whimsical and catchy indie anthems of “Leaving on the 5th” and “Blackout,” the indie summer party anthem “Cheetah,” and the psychedelic meandering guitar melodies of “Loose Change.”

However, the foundation of their sound is without a doubt hard-driving, guitar-dominated soulful blues, which is on full display on “Junkyard Dog” and “Steal The Diamonds,” perhaps one of the best songs on an album filled with noteworthy tracks.

The slow, libidinous funk of “Steal the Diamonds” is a unique standout that will have you nodding your head savagely to the beat. In a bit of a departure from their usual sound, Voxhaul Broadcast opts to blend the raw sexual energy of Prince at his best with rugged rock and roll. David Dennis coos hypnotically in a falsetto while a flurry of guitar lines sear your brain like a laser. Timing Is Everything is pure, unfettered blues rock steeped in dirty sensual soul."
Head over to Donnybrook to read the rest.

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