Friday, July 29, 2011

Art in Death: The Photography of 12:31

Have a look at the moribund beauty of Croix Gagnon, Frank Schott, and Alex Katz’s photography. 

Using long exposures and 1,871 1mm thick cross sections from the body of a man who was executed by lethal injection, these artists have come up with a concept that is simultaneously creepy and breathtakingly novel. 

In a Frankenstein-esque move, these men have reanimated the corpse of a convict and returned him to the world of the living in the form of ghostly vapors that eerily waft across photographs to haunt us once more.

The body comes courtesy of the Visible Human Project which sliced Joseph Paul Jernigan into thousands of tiny pieces after he was executed for killing a 75-year-old man who found him stealing a microwave.

Eight years after he was executed at 12:31, also the project’s title, Jernigan stalks our imaginations once more.

Have a look at a few of my favorite images below and head over to the project’s website to see more. 

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