Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heatherwick Studio is the future

The future is here. Heatherwick Studio has single-handedly violently ripped civilization from the present and transplanted us into a time unknown far in the distant future.

Look no further than some of their larger projects like the Teesside Power Station. Rather than simply building an ugly biomass power plant, they’ve designed a 49 megawatt renewable energy station that only takes up a third of the allotted land and uses the rest of the space to plant indigenous vegitation to revitalize its bleak abandoned industrial surroundings. Perhaps most impressive is the seeming organic nature of the power plant, which appears to have sprouted from the ground like some freakish symbiotic cross between plant, steel, and glass.

Take a look at their studio, especially their large projects like the UK Pavillion or La Masion Unique as their innovative designs offer a refreshing take on how we perceive the world around us. 

Have a look at a few photos below and be sure to head over to their website to see more. 

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