Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tin Can Radio - Skeletons

Check out Tin Can Radio another great indie band to come out of Australia (BTW is it just me or is Australia churning out fantastic bands these days?). 

This quintet from Brisbane is a bit of a mixed bag. On Triple J Unearthed, their sound is described simply as “the radio” which makes sense in that they are a jumble of genres, styles, and pop references.

The foundation of their sound (if they even have one) is solid danceable indie-disco, but to simply call it that would discredit their diverse sounds and influences. Mixing elements of meandering shoegaze, pulverizing dubstep, and grinding dance floor bangers, their sound is guaranteed to infect your limbs with the dance.

Their exuberant debut album Chase The Sun, Hold the Night is out now.

Listen to “Skeletons” and “Hot Trash” below and head over to their Bandcamp to pick up your copy of their LP.

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