Monday, February 20, 2012

Anna Calvi – Naughty Girl (cover)

Anna Calvi is a monster!!! On guitar that is…As evidence, look no further than her cover of Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl.” Like her version of “Wolf Like Me,” Calvi transforms Beyonce’s pop-piece into a dark, sensual voyage fraught with tension and danger.

Showing amazing restraint in her vocals, her sultry whispers create an uneasy sense of murky sexuality that’s frankly a bit terrifying. As you listen in stunned silence, straining your ears to catch her soft murmurs, she lures you into her mysterious world. The tension rises to a boiling point as she steadfastly refuses to raise her voice beyond the softest of purrs until suddenly she unleashes a wave of unhinged psychedelic guitar screeches and some mean shredding.

Aside from the god-awful lyrics on the chorus, the lines translate surprisingly well into her style of dark deviance.

Check out the live version of her cover, recorded at BBC’s Radio 1, below.

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