Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cellophane Flowers – Yes I Am

As soon as I began listening to Cellophane Flowers’ debut EP If I Was A Girl, I immediately regretted not checking it out sooner.

While much of the EP is bright and melodic, “Yes I Am” is a surprising departure. Hidden among the indie gems, this wolf in sheep’s clothing is lurking in wait, ready to turn your bones to dust with its great grinding rock riff. Like that rock goddess Abbe May, Francesca Corradini’s voice with all its tender anxiety is the perfect juxtaposition to the hard guitar lines, making your skin crawl with all her underlying angst.

Keep your eyes out for their debut album Staring At The World, which they just recently finished with the help of Dave Allen of The Cure and Human League.

In the meantime, check out the amazing fan vid for “Yes I Am,” which is probably the best way ever to watch the Dali/Disney masterpiece.

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