Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tennis – Young and Old Album Stream

Who needs a date on Valentine’s Day when you’ve got the brand new Tennis album streaming online for free? With plenty of charm and sex appeal, I daresay the new Tennis album will not disappoint as a partner for the evening.

Every bit as idyllic and sugary sweet as their last album, Young and Old takes Tennis’ sepia-tinted 50’s pop throwback sound and infuses it with heaping amounts of soul, a dash of longing, and more than enough catchy beats to go around.

For their latest album, the Denver couple enlisted the production help of the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney and his efforts have helped create an album that obliterates the concept of “sophomore slump.” Drawing on the eclectic influences that made Brothers such a memorable album, “Young and Old” incorporates the best of Motown with its soulful beats, moving rhythms, and bouncing pianos to highlight Tennis’ hazy sun-bleached melodies. As if that weren’t enough, Alaina Moore’s voice is lovelier than ever – so sugary sweet it melts like cotton candy as soon as it hits your ears.

Stream the album below and be sure to grab your copy today courtesy of Fat Possum.

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