Thursday, January 24, 2013

AA Review – Hunters @ Glasslands 1/22/13

Once upon a time, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were a no name band that travelled the Williamsburg circuit making a splash with their outrageous shows. Karen O would hop on stage wearing nothing but a bikini bottom and some tape over her nipples, and proceed to get into tussles with broken glass.

Fast forward to 2013 at Glasslands Gallery and it is clear that that brand of thrashing, brutal minimalism is alive and kicking in Hunters. With hardly a word to the audience, the Brooklyn quartet proceeded to roar through their set.

Consisting entirely of punishing two-minute riot inducing anthems, Hunters perforated the ear drums of the audience with a fine frenzy of noise. Without fail, Derek Watson and his dreadlocked coiff kicked off each track with savage guitar attacks and leering vocals before engaging in a feisty vocal fire fight with his partner in crime Isabel Almeida.

As the two traded shots, innocent bystanders were indiscriminately sprayed with their sneering petulance, and as the set wore on the vocal exchanges escalated into a kicking and shoving match that ultimately ended in a scuffle on the floor that resembled the tangled chaos of Custer’s Last Stand with arms and legs splayed every which way.

An adept graduate with honors from both the Karen O School of Mayhem and the Alison Mosshart School of Wicked Flailing, that hell cat she devil Almeida radiated raw energy and sexual malice, creating that brand of terrified arousal that swallows you whole and spits out your bones. As my friend eloquently put it, she’s “nymphomaniacal.”

Needless to say, their post punk garage rock left the audience breathing hard, charged with sexual energy, and ready to light some shit on fire.

For a sample of the mayhem, have a gander at the video below, courtesy of DeathMirror365 (although, i can't vouch for the audio quality).

Taken at last year's show at Glasslands, with significantly better audio quality.

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