Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kevin Barnes on New Roman GianArthur Track

Kevin Barnes is everywhere and of Montreal hasn’t even dropped their new album yet!

Here he is on Roman GianArthur’s new track, “Depraved Velvet,” lending some sensual Delfonics-esque vocals. I had no idea that Kevin Barnes could sound so soulful, but then again I should know by now to never be surprised by anything that he does.

In case you were wondering who Roman GianArthur is, I have no idea either. But he does get major cool points for his association to Kevin Barnes and other Wondaland Arts Society act Janelle Monae. After picking Janelle Monae as the next biggest thing, we should be advised when Kevin Barnes declares in Stereogum that, “Roman GianArthur is gonna be the story of 2011, he is a musical genius, a brilliant arranger, writer, performer … he’s probably a good cook as well. Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait — when his album drops, people are gonna drop their groceries!”

Check out the track and Roman GianArthur.

Roman GianArthur - Depraved Valet (Feat. Kevin Barnes) by Anonymous Aesthetes

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