Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday's Finds

For my inaugural post, I figured I would celebrate my forced entry into the cavernous expanses of the interwebs by adding to the growing cacophony of frivolous blogs and sharing two things that I am currently obsessing over:

Ziggy Stardust Lightning Bolt Pendant

While the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt has been co-opted by nearly everyone from Marilyn Manson to the omni-present gyrating hips of Lady Gaga, we can still find hipster-cred in returning to the original.

So it seems that there were only 500 of these pendants ever made for a promotion by Mirabelle magazine in 1974. Designed by David Bowie himself, these pendants are a rare find and I am on a quest to obtain one. Apparently, the lightning bolt was partly inspired by one of Bowie’s influences, Elvis Presley, who had a massive ring that featured a lightning bolt atop the words Taking Care of Business

The Lucksmiths - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Cover)

I love the Smiths and I love a good cover, so I suppose this comes as a bonus.

The Lucksmiths, a fantastic Australian band that recently broke up, have done the best cover of the Smiths’ There Is a Light That Never Goes Out that I have heard. Taking a fresh approach to it, these folks have turned it into a beautifully morbid duet. I know that for many Smiths fans nothing can live up to the original, and for the most part I’m right there with you. When utterly terrible bands attempt to gain some semblance of credibility by covering a great band the results are often disastrous. One need not look further than the tragic attempt by Death Cab for Cutie to cover This Charming Man. However, I’ve always had a soft spot for creative re-imaginings of great classics and fortunately for your ears this Lucksmiths cover just happens to fall into that category.


  1. I have one of those Ziggy lightning bolt necklaces! Sent away for it from Mirabelle magazine back in the 70s. A real treasure!