Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cool Beats to Stave Off the Summer Heats

Hey folks, I apologize for the infrequent posts of late. I’ve been scrambling to get everything together for my impending move to New York and there was also a near major catastrophe when I managed to strategically place a few drops of water in a small crevice on my computer that led directly to my motherboard. This in turn effectively fried it and my brain simultaneously. Fortunately, I managed to salvage my computer and successfully prevented my head from spontaneously exploding, although there were some very dangerous moments. But I digress, the posts will be a bit sparse in the next few days as I settle into my new life, but as soon as I settle in things will be back to normal.

In the meantime, I give you my aptly titled sexy summer mix, "Champagne and Bikinis" that will hopefully take your mind off the grueling heat. I must advise that this mix is probably best enjoyed on your yacht with scantily clad women drinking champagne from the bottle, while of course wearing a white linen tuxedo without shoes. Naturally, this is assuming that you own a yacht and a white linen tuxedo, but not shoes. Unfortunately, if you have to suffer like the rest of the plebian masses huddled in a small room around a small air conditioninger that anemically gives off whispers of cool air, then you’ll just have to pretend that you’re sipping champagne on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Regardless, this mix is dripping with summer fun in a sexy and exotic way. Seriously, listening to this mix will transport you to a faraway place with a pool and a nice minty alcoholic beverage in your hand.

Click the photo above to download. Don't forget to unzip to enjoy, the file that is.

Track List

01. S-Tone Inc. - Con Mi Sombra
02. Batuk – Cruzeiro do sui
03. Nicola Conte and Aldemaro Romero – Tema de la Onda
04. Lee Hommes – Vista do mar
05. Amedeo Tommasi - Brasilia
06. Thievery Corporation - Samba Tranquille
07. Thievery Corporation - Jazzanova
08. S-Tone Inc. - Verao
09. Thievery Corporation- So Com Voce
10. Lemongrass feat. Mayu - Feel It
11. Nicola Conte - Mambo De Los Bandie
12. S-Tone Inc. – Emotional Dancing
13. Ana Caram - Samba de Verao
14. Groove da Praia – Miss You
15. Kitchen Tools - Symphonies of Memory

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