Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Morning Benders – “Virgins” and "Outlaw Blues"

Fortunately for us, the fantastic cameramen of La Blogotheque were on hand to capture a stunning new track from The Morning Benders “Virgins.”

We are certainly in for a treat as the band announces clearly, in a sneak preview of what promises to be an amazing Soiree de Poche, that this is the first time they’ve played it live for an audience.

Chris Chu’s dreamy vocals, the doo wop bass line, and light harmonies make for a beautiful tune. The audience seems equally blown away as they stare in pure awe, although their looks could also just be a heat induced stupor. The room looks swelteringly hot, with each band member having at least 3 buttons undone and audience members visibly sweaty.

Regardless of the heat, I would have politely maimed someone to be there.

Oh and check out this great clip of the band rehearsing the song before the show.

Wait! Here's a free download of The Morning Benders' just released cover of Bob Dylan's "Outlaw Blues."


  1. Oh man, good song. Virgins is almost too apt of a name for a Morning Benders song though. While I really like their music, it's definitely not loot and pillage, hide your women rock and roll.

    Also, I overall really like the take away video series. The one where the kooks get mugged by a horde of french teenage girls in a high school is especially great.

  2. Yea I love that look that Luke Pritchard gives in the kooks video right before they plunge into the excited gaggle of French girls, a mix of "holy crap i'm scared" and "sweet look at all these hot adoring girls that are fans!"